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This site is being replaced shortly and some information or questions may not be answered right away or not at all. For a quicker and more accurate reply, please visit our Facebook page linked below until the new site is up.


The Dobson Trail is a continuous footpath through the Albert County wilderness stretching 57.75 km from Riverview NB to the northern boundary of Fundy National Park near Alma NB. It is an all season trail traversing a variety of woodland terrain. It follows along brooks, crosses meadows and travels along some older and new roads for some periods. The trail winds through soft and hardwood stands, crosses a beaver dam, touches a lake, ascends slopes, some gradual some steep, to reach Magnificent look-outs including Prosser Brook Ridge, the new Kent Hills power generating windmills and the spectacular Hayward Pinnacle. The Dobson Trail meets Fundy National Park at the Old Sheapody Road and joins the Park’s Laverty Falls Trail just west of the Broad River via the Dobson Link Trail.

This site was set up to allow Trail users to get information, share stories, arrange for hiking partners, report issues with the trail and to meet other Dobson Trail lovers. Please feel free to comment on anything you see here and keep it clean, fun and respectful, offending remarks will be removed.

There is also a Facebook page set up for the Dobson trail here.

The Dobson Trail is part of the Fundy Hiking Trail Association which is a non profit group made up of volunteers. The Fundy Hiking Trail Association maintains the Dobson Trail, Fundy Footpath and the Catamount Trail. All trail maintenance, development and advertising is done with the help of volunteers so please consider donating some of your time, knowledge or expertise to help improve these wonderful trails. All cash donations are tax deductible. Please contact us with the contact us function here or at dobsontrail@gmail.com or footpath@nbnet.nb.ca if you have any questions.

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Fall meeting and FHTA newsletter.

Our next meeting will be held at the Riverview Fire Department training room on Thursday September 18th at 7pm. All are welcome and encouraged to attend. The current FHTA newsletter is below.

FHTA September 2014 Newsletter

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Trails Connecting Communities

­­­Trails Connecting Communities

                    Cape Jourimain to St Martin’s: South Eastern New Brunswick’s Trail Corridor

Saturday, March 29th:  St. Paul’s United Church 404 Cleveland Ave., Riverview, NB    

12:30 pm             Registration- Meet and Greet

1:00 pm               New Developments

A brief overview of existing and proposed trails linking communities in South East New Brunswick: Cape Jourimain -Port Elgin -Sackville- Memramcook-Dieppe-Moncton-Riverview-Dobson Trail -Fundy National Park-Fundy Footpath -Fundy Trail -St Martin’s

Introducing each section: local stakeholders are encouraged to present a brief update on the state of their trail and/or trail project

Green Trails Enhancement Dream List

1:45 pm               Discuss and choose 3 Essentials Projects to enhance the trail experience

2:00 pm               Choose 1 project from the 3

2:30pm                Nutrition Break

Spring into Action

3:00 pm               Define project action Plan, timeline, Project Leader

4:00 pm               Project Leaders: Present the Project – Action Plan – Time Line

4:30 pm               Closing


Please bring maps, photos, trail plans new and proposed, your partnership ideas and trail spirit.

Workshop Session organized by the Fundy Hiking Trail Association (Dobson Trail- Fundy Footpath East)

This event is sponsored by a grant from Province of New Brunswick: Healthy and Inclusive Communities.

For more info please contact: Alonzo Leger: leger@nbnet.nb.ca    506-386-2867

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FHTA fall general meeting.

The Fundy Hiking Trails Association fall meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 26th at the Riverview Fire Hall training room (side door) on Pineglen Rd at 7pm.

Here is a quick version of the agenda for the night;

1. Call to order 7pm
2. Reports from the Executive
3. New business:
i. Sport and wellness grant
ii. Fundy Footpath session at Jubilee Hall in Sussex on Saturday 16 November 2013
iii. Open discussion with Trail Section Monitors—which sections need improvement
4. Vacant positions: newsletter committee
5. Other items as submitted by the members in attendance
6. Adjournment

Everyone who is interested is welcome to attend.


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Back country fire pit etiquette

Many people enjoy a back country fire and I am one of them. The Dobson Trail has many ‘official” and “un-official” fire pit areas and as more people discover the trail and hike it the more use these fire pits see. The most popular one is the first one in from Riverview at about the 600 meter mark. It has a built in fire ring and a grate that can pivot over the ring to place pots on. It also has a few tables and log benches around it.


This is a very popular spot for locals to come out in the evening and the weekends with friends and family to enjoy a fire in the woods. Because of the high volume of use the immediate area looks like tidal wave came through and washed everything with a 50 meter radius away leaving bare earth and nothing left to burn. Over the past 7 or 8 years it has gotten a lot more use and a lot worse but at least the local “teen nightlife” has not gone back and destroyed it or burnt a bunch of tires in the last 5 years or so. The trail maintenance folks do their best to have fire wood available when they know a specific group is going in but there is not always wood there to burn which causes people to scavenge and destroy the few tree in the immediate area. We tried to leave a splitting ax there for people to use but it quickly became a problem with people using it to destroy some of the nearby living trees and the posts that were installed to be used as a wind break with a few tarps when the senior and blind groups come in to enjoy the fire pit.


This fire pit is also in need of some TLC that I hope to tackle once it dries up and before the bugs are out.

Below are some tips on how to treat back country fire pits:

  • keep it small
  • use the provided fire pits
  • use the provided wood or bring you own
  • burn only wood found on the ground and no bigger than your wrist
  • do not strip trees of bark or live branches
  • travel as far as possible to collect wood to avoid clearing out the pit area
  • time your fire to completely burn out before you leave
  • keep the pit clean, no cans, bottle or garbage
  • keep the whole area clean and safe.
  • do not leave extra brush or wood near fire pit, pile it safely away or in the wood shed.
  • Think how you would like to find it and leave it that way for others
  • beware of loose dogs they can knock over people and snatch food from kids


Remember that many others and many families with young kids enjoy the fire pit so try to keep it clean, safe and set a good example for others. If you do see someone doing something wrong or destructive ask them to stop please. The trail is maintained by volunteers and we all see this trail as a community trail so lets all try to chip in and keep it clean and safe.


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Volunteer training day, March 23rd

The Fundy Hiking Trails Association is offering a training seminar to all it’s current volunteers and anyone wishing to learn more about trail maintenance. The type of things being offered are trail tools, basics of trail maintenance, FHTA’s role in assuring sustainable trails in the Fundy region.

We will forward details of the afternoons activity. It is being held at the Riverview Fire Department’s training room located at the corner of Pineglen rd and Pinewood rd starting at 1pm on Saturday, March 23, 2013. Us the side parking lot and entrance.


RSVP leger@nbnet.nb.ca


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